NBN Co rewrites rollout plan

NBN Co rewrites rollout plan

NBN Co will now publish weekly updates after the previous government's rollout plan was stripped from the Website

NBN Co has removed roll-out plan details from its website leaving Australians in the dark about future construction.

The company overseeing the delivery of the network will now publish a weekly report charting the progress of the rollout. It previously published quarterly updates.

The new charts will distinguish between those premises passed by fibre that are able to connect to the NBN and those that aren’t.

This is usually due to the premise being an apartment building or a shopping mall.

It will also update the rollout maps on the NBN Co website to inform residents where the physical building of the NBN has started, or is about to start and where services are already available.

The previous rollout plan detailed existing service and construction locations along with areas where construction would commence within one or three years.

NBN Co chairman, Ziggy Switkowski, said the maps would be updated when further areas enter the building stage and the shape of the rollout becomes clearer following the completion of the Strategic Review into the NBN.

“The publication of the weekly metrics and clearer maps is a first step in providing for increased scrutiny and transparency of NBN Co and its activities,” he said.

The 60-day strategic review, a series of audits prompted by the incoming Coalition government, is due in December.

The rollout of the fixed-line network is underway for approximately 300,000 homes and businesses in built-up areas (“brownfields”), according to an NBN spokesperson.

“Other factors that have impacted the build include mobilisation issues and the recent halt to work on pit and pipe infrastructure while a review of asbestos maintenance and handling procedures was carried out,” an NBN spokesperson said.

The first chart revealed 107,230 premises were using the NBN across the fibre, fixed wireless and interim satellite networks;

Of this total, 40,441 are receiving the NBN via fibre to the premises in brownfields communities with a further 21,801 fibre users in new developments (or “greenfields” estates).

In the brownfields fibre footprint specifically, 229,398 premises were passed by the fibre optic cable.

Of these, 158,712 premises – or 69 per cent – are currently able to order an NBN service.

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