Workshare partners with Aquion in Australian distribution agreement

Workshare partners with Aquion in Australian distribution agreement

Workshare looks to expand its footprint ahead of the introduction of new privacy regulations


Workshare has partnered with Aquion to distribute its data management and file sharing software to the Australian market ahead the government's privacy regulation overhaul.

Workshare chief executive, Anthony Foy, said the partnership was a bid to expand their channel to take advantage of their expertise in handling highly sensitive information in light of a “perfect storm” of regulation and technology.

“We have a phenomenal springboard to introduce new technology to the market relevant to this evolution that is taking place within the market," he said.

“It’s not rocket science what we’re doing we’re simply taking something that we have already done very effectively and extending it into mobile and online and making it as easy and intuitive as you would expect it to be on your iPad.”

The handling of personal information is about to get tighter and more complex in Australia with the introduction of the Privacy Amendment Bill 2012 coming into effect on March 24 next year.

It covers both the use and disclosure of personal information and could make 2014 will the tipping point for data management and file sharing.

Executives need to ensure they have the right tools in place to ensure that all personal information they use is handled correctly, or risk being fined for misconduct, according to Foy.

Foy said the company would be looking at more channels outside of the legal space, where it has dominant market.

“We will be looking at more channels, one of the things that we have is a very good set of channels in order to address the legal market place,” he said.

“What we haven’t developed is a channel outside of the legal segment, channels into health care into financials, knowledge intensive sectors.

"As well, we have had very limited penetration into the surrounding region; and this region is important to us, it represents 10 to 15 per cent of our revenue, and it has a huge upward potential.”

Workshare applications allow users to easily and securely create, share and manage high-value content anywhere, on any device.

Professional 8 lets IT and content owners set policies and provides a full audit trail of who the documents have been shared with and whether they accessed the information made available to them, and when.

More than 1.8 million professionals in 70 countries use Workshare’s applications, including HSBC and Westpac in Australia.

Foy said the company had taken the technology that provided secure and accurate exchange of email for the last 14 years and expanded it to all forms for communicating.

“The issues remain largely the same, you want to have confidence in the integrity of the documents and we have now extended that to other means of communicating.

"So on your iPad, iPhone, android device or sharing documents through other types of applications, whether that be your own applications or other applications that are available across the internet,” he said.

“That’s where we start getting to the real sweet spot of all this because this is where, in order to be able to form this metadata, you have to be able to analyse the documents.

“This is sophisticated analysis into the system to understand what has been attached to it which, means that you are now able to identify all types of information that are in there whether it’s names and addresses, names of recipients, content that has been put in there.

“All of this information about data becomes highly relevant to the management and privacy of information around the globe.”

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