Oakton set upon new path for growth

Oakton set upon new path for growth

Officially opens new Sydney office

ASX-listed IT services provider, Oakton (ASX:OKN), has opened up a new Sydney office as it sets upon a new growth path.

Oakton CEO, Neil Wilson, told a gathering at the Sydney CBD office opening that the company was now in a different place to where its been in the past couple of years. NSW finance and services minister, Andrew Constance was also there to cut ribbon on the new office.

“Our goal now is to not just be seen as a systems integrator or resource provider, we’ll still do that, but we’re investing pretty heavily in new world world technologies,” Wilson said. “It’s a big step for us, we’re really positioning and showing our customers what solutions we can offer. We really feel that we’re able to compete now, whereas before we didn’t feel that our story matched our presence.”

The office not only supports the 200 employees that work there, but also customers. It has dedicated rooms set up to show customers their new and emerging technologies.

The company has also launched a new website to represent its contemporary offerings for customers in areas such as application and development integration, core business systems, relationship management and service integration.

Wilson said it was investing in putting its own IP into various solutions.

“As a result of the work we’ve done over the years, we’ve learnt about things like employee collaboration. Everyone has an intranet or email system and we’re now offering more of a social media approach that’s very Facebook-like but inside the organisation,” he said. “That’s just one of the things we’re bringing into the market that is representative of not only the software that drives that but also the business scenarios where that is required.”

Wilson said its traditional system integrator business was still steady, but it was positioning itself for future technology offerings.

“We see our growth in the next three to four years around the new world of delivering that. We can also become a one stop shop, bringing the solution on the screen for customers or the mobile device and then provide the IaaS and that’s a very new world for our business,” he said. “Two years ago, that wasn’t possible. Today we have clients where we’re wholesaling in IaaS and SaaS, were integrating that and also providing tailored solutions. Growth will come from not only the new world of where the market is going and new business-side buyers, but also the fact we’re now bringing in new revenue streams from IaaS.”

Constance said the NSW Government was keen to explore new offerings through Cloud services.

“Where the excitement lies is in the way that IT is delivered in the future as a service,” he said. “It’s a big change, there’s enormous opportunities in the next 10 years to completely reconfigure the way that public servants work and use technology.

“One of the great challenges we’ve had within government relates to our skill set, ability for our IT workforce within government to be able to adapt to that change. We’re completely reliant on the IT sector in many ways to upskill our staff.”

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