iPhone 5 case quick review: Kubxlab Ultra Thin Cases

iPhone 5 case quick review: Kubxlab Ultra Thin Cases

One thing you learn quickly in the tech journalism world: Once you write about something, the PR and marketing world assumes you are going to write more and more and more about that subject.

This has been the case for me since I ditched my BlackBerry Bold for an iPhone 5 at the start of the year and went in search of a good case to help protect my new smartphone (which I love).

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First up was the Xentris Wireless Hard Shell, an attractive and sturdy $25 case.

Once the good people at Newer Technology saw that review they sent me one of their Nuguard KX cases,  a more rubbery case than the Xentris model (I've seen different prices for this case, though mentioned $35 when I reviewed the case in May).

The latest iPhone 5 cases sent my way come from Kubxlab, and they are touted as Ultra Thin Cases. That they are at 0.39mm thin (vs. 0.48 for the Nuguard KX) and 5g in weight (vs. 31 grams for the Nuguard KX).

The Kubxlab versions sent to me are Dark Wood (I'd be a little nervous about the phone getting left on a hard wood floor and then crunched, not that it should ever be left on the floor) and Brown Nubuck, a soft coating (that I somehow stained within an hour of putting it on my iPhone 5). The wood variety is made with real wood. A few snakeskin versions are available, too.

I did a little stress test on the Dark Wood model, bending it this way and that before putting it on my phone, and it quickly cracked on the top not that you'd really have it bending that way when on the phone.

The cases, which slip easily onto the phone, do make my iPhone 5 feel like a whole different and sleeker device compared to having it wrapped previously in the Nuguard case. In fact, I forgot just how slim the iPhone is. Kubxlab on its website says: "They're the perfect way to add a little style and scratch prevention while maintaining the unmistakable feel of a caseless phone." The cases include holes that fit over the camera and volume controls, and leave the bottom of the phone where the mic/speaker/power and input jacks almost completely uncovered.

These cases cost $30, with free shipping from the company site.

As for me, I still feel more comfy with a bulkier, more rubbery case. But maybe you're more careful than I am.

Bob Brown tracks network research in his Alpha Doggs blog and Facebook page, as well on Twitter and Google +. 

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