The next great IT innovation or leader will come from an emerging market: Budde

The next great IT innovation or leader will come from an emerging market: Budde

Industry experts calls for businesses to show a flexibility that organisation in other regions are demonstrating

The next big innovation in IT will come from an emerging market, according to Paul Budde Communication CEO, Paul Budde.

Budde, who advises the UN on broadband and the digital economy, made the observation during the NSC Business Collaboration Summit in Sydney, adding that a UN commission represented by Google, Microsoft and Apple is supporting this notion.

“They have formed a small group within the UN, and they have said they are 100 per cent sure the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs will come from either Africa, India or China,” he said.

Since they are sure of this, Budde said the companies are starting look at these markets in great detail and how to pick people to lead the industry in the next five to fifteen years.

“This is the type of reality that these companies are seeing, so your competitor is not in Melbourne, Brisbane or in Sydney, but from one of those regions,” he said.

Time is of the essence

Budde said companies in these emerging markets take on average three to six months to come up with a strategy and start implementing it.

While the strategy may sometimes not work or changes need to be made, Budde said the important thing is that they are taking a risk.

“If it takes you two years to make a change, then other organisation will creep up and take your business away,” he said.

“That is the type of worry you need to start looking at.”

Budde admits that when it comes to change, there is often opposition from within the business.

“Everyone in your organisation will be against you and come up with plenty of reasons why you should not do it and be more careful by taking two years,” he said.

To aid in this transition, Budde said it is the role of the IT industry to get the message out on being dynamic.

“You believe in these sort of activities and go beyond what is your job description,” he said.

“You have to be missionaries, particularly in your organisations in order to broaden the collaboration.”

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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