Oracle harnesses the Cloud for its new Database 12c

Oracle harnesses the Cloud for its new Database 12c

Technology vendor adds Cloud capability to its flagship database product

Oracle has launched its enterprise database product, Database 12c, in Australia.

The pluggable database makes use of the Cloud to enable multiple tenants in the same database, and the “c” in the product name is a reference to this feature.

Oracle technology software product marketing vice-president, Rex Wang, said the vendor spent the last five years putting together the product’s estimated 500 new features.

“We’re not resting on our laurels and we are continuing to invest significantly into innovating our database product line,” he said.

Wang said the release of Database 12c is significant for Oracle because of the new multitenant architecture, which made it a good fit for Cloud computing

“Corporate database continues to be strong area for us, and the three strategic areas that we focus on, engineered systems, Big Data and Cloud,” he said.

“For that reason, Database 12c is the most significant thing to come from us in this space in a number of years.”

Many hands make database work

Wang expect the multitenant architecture for Cloud computing, also known as “pluggable databases”, to appeal to the Australian market.

While businesses have been putting databases into a Cloud model for quite some time, Wang said they have done it in several different ways, such as virtualisation.

“So they run one instance of the database in a virtual machine and multiple virtual machines that share a particular piece of hardware,” he said.

That approach has the potential to create cost savings around hardware, power and cooling, but Wang said the cost structure of each database does not change.

“What multitenant databases such as Database 12c does is blend the cost savings with administrator productivity, as managers are able to manage multiple databases as if they were one,” he said.

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