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Facial Matching Technology

  • 15 December, 2004 13:02

<p>Australian identity technology company, Argus Solutions, have signed a major licensing arrangement with CSIRO to commercialise facial matching technology. The technology is the result of several years of development by CSIRO and will now be taken to the world by Argus Solutions.</p>
<p>“This is one of the most advanced surveillance technologies in the world. Its applications will be enormous. Theoretically, this technology will be a step towards being able to effectively track down a known troublemaker or terrorist in a crowd, it can equally help an exclusive store identify a VIP customer to alert them that they need that extra-special service,” said leading identity expert and Argus Solutions CEO, Bruce Lyman.</p>
<p>“The software technology allows surveillance systems to link to a database of facial images and effectively ‘pattern match’ against a watch list of people,” said Lyman.</p>
<p>“The challenge in development has been in building the very complex processes that manipulate and then analyse the surveillance image to see if it matches the database image. To do this in a matter of seconds is also reliant on some significant processing power.”</p>
<p>“This technology is no longer the province of science fiction movies – it is here and now and has very positive practical applications. Best of all it is Australian ingenuity being taken to the world by an Australian company,” said Mr Lyman.</p>
<p>The technology was developed by CSIRO, before signing a commercialisation agreement with Argus for the product, named Valencia after one of its CSIRO creators.</p>
<p>“CSIRO is delighted to be able to contribute to the success and growth of a star Australian SME by licensing our facial-recognition technology to Argus Solutions,” says CSIRO ICT Centre Director Dr Alex Zelinsky.</p>
<p>“Having created the underpinning base technology on which Valencia is being built, we look forward to watching Argus move from strength-to-strength and to seeing the technology integrated into their leading suite of product offerings,” said Mr Zelinsky.</p>
<p>About Argus Solutions: ASX code - ASV
Argus Solutions Ltd is a world leader in the development and delivery of iris recognition applications and solutions for physical and logical access requirements. Based in Sydney, and represented regionally in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, Argus Solutions has a growing client base including major government agencies.</p>
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<p>Media Contact:</p>
<p>ARGUS: John Winter/ Sarah Llewellyn-Evans, Wilkinson Media Tel: 02 8969 6255 Mobile: 0414 533 133</p>
<p>CSIRO: Lisa Walker, Communication Officer, CSIRO ICT Centre Tel: 02 9372 4605 Mobile: 0425 722 588</p>

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