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PC Solutions- Out Of The Box

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Minolta has released the Dimage RD 3000 digital SLR camera for the photographic enthusiast who wants high-quality results that point-and-click digital cameras can't provide.

However, with a whopping $10,000 price tag, the Dimage could be out of reach to the man in the street. Minolta's main selling point is that the Dimage RD 3000 is lightweight, compact and shock-resistant, which revises the perception of digital SLR as big and clumsy.

Minolta maintains that the digital SLR camera provides high-resolution imaging via its Hybrid Seamless Imaging System which uses 2.7 million pixels and a dual-CCD image sensor. The Dimage RD 3000 has an infrared-ray reduction mirror and a low-pass filter within the relay optics. The low-pass filter reduces the rainbow moire artefacts significantly, Minolta said.

There are five lenses available ranging from the V22 80mm f/4 5.6 to the V 17mm f/3.5 RD. The camera comes standard with CompactFlash Card Type 1 and Type 11 and continuous drive and four lenses. The Dimage RD 3000 takes four AA batteries or Ni CD and Ni-MH batteries.

To download images, end users will need a PC with a 90MHz processor, Windows 95/98 and 32MB of hard disk space, or alternatively, a Macintosh 7.6.1 to 8.6 and 32MB hard disk space.

The Dimage RD 3000 is available through leading photographic stores and distributor Haco.

Haco (02) 9370 8925


To meet the demand of digital camera users, Olympus Optical has introduced the MAUSB-2 SmartMedia Card Reader/Writer that the vendor says transfers data at high speed to a PC through a USB interface.

Transferring data via the USB interface eliminates the need for an external power source, Olympus said. The MAUSB-2 can handle files up to 32MB in size and transfer data to a PC in 60 seconds. It's compatible with both the Window 98 and Mac 8.6 operating systems.

The MAUSB-2 SmartMedia Card Reader/Writer retails for $199 through distributor Rudolph Gunz Photographic.

Rudolph Gunz (02) 9935 6600


Hemera is distributing via disk 25,000 royalty-free photo images for desktop publishing through Marketing Results. The product, called Hemera Photo-Objects 25,000 Premium Image Collection, is a rival to clip art and provides high-quality photographic images to everyone, not just professional graphic artists, according to Marketing Results.

The photo-objects have been deep-etched from the original background which means the images can be manipulated to the user's requirements. The next-generation clip art product also comes with PhotoFont Maker allowing the user to reproduce photo-like textured fonts.

Marketing Results suggests the product is ideal for the SOHO and corporate markets.

Hemera Photo-Objects 25,000 Premium Image Collection sells for an RRP of $99.95 through major computer retailers.

Marketing Results (02) 9899 5888

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