If at first you don't succeed

If at first you don't succeed

Hitech Distribution's John Winter is well known for his enthusiasm for all things IT, and his ability to carry out multiple phone conversations whilst driving dangerously. Acer and Lexmark sales representatives were sufficiently concerned about his automotive exploits to provide him with the opportunity to pick up on some driving tips at the Adelaide Clipsal 500. They hired a villa, invited some resellers for good measure and hoped Winter would learn a little from the experts.

Alas, the best-laid plans often go to waste, as Winter's mind soon strayed from the cars, and landed squarely on the firmware randomly distributed about the track. And not content to merely admire from a distance, he felt compelled to sample the goods, or at the very least attempt to . . .

If nothing else the day proved that even a bad driver can be a fast mover.

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