Chambers wants to team with Nokia

Chambers wants to team with Nokia

'We have worked with Nokia on a couple of issues. The relationship is not as close as I personally would like to see it. I think it would be a very good company for us to partner with,' Chambers said in an interview with the Finnish magazine IT-Kanava.

Possible areas of cooperation could include 'everything from joint development of market strategies to product development', Chambers said.

Chambers has visited Finland several times, but has met Nokia's CEO Jorma Ollila only once, last February.

'We have not spent that much time talking about where our opportunities are to work together. I do not think that either of us has come to a decision about partnership. I am very open to that,' Chambers said.

Cisco is looking for partners in the emerging wireless business, which will complement traditional phone lines and optical fibre. Chambers has been preaching about his view of 'New World' networks, which transform corporate networks to carry data, voice and video and connect seamlessly to the Internet.

'The Internet revolution will simply combine people and information in a virtual global company.

'Whether it is business or government leaders around the world, they are all beginning to get it,' Chambers said.

Chambers also revealed some of his per-sonal plans for the future. 'I am very excited about the future,' Chambers said. 'My intention is to run Cisco for at least the next four or five years and maybe the next 10.'

He added that when he retires, he wants to become a teacher, because he wants to get back to studying and loves teaching, and enjoys working with young people.

The 50-year-old CEO would like to teach business: 'Not just business but how to do business in a rapid growth environment and in an environment that is changing very rapidly, technology-wise,' Chambers said.

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