Web publishing opportunities stem from Oracle's flagship

Web publishing opportunities stem from Oracle's flagship

The just-announced upgrade for Oracle's flagship relational database offers new Web publishing opportunities for Australian resellers.

Due for release before the end of the year, Oracle8i is touted as the world's first Internet database because of major enhancements that integrate it tightly with Internet technology.

Although Oracle does not intend to change its pricing model - which generally requires a corporate chequebook - the Internet integration of 8i could open new business models for utilising the database.

As well as providing implementation services for sales of the database, a reseller could offer Web publishing services using the Oracle8i database to create and publish Web sites on behalf of clients.

Also, Oracle8i will eliminate the need for resellers to purchase Oracle Webserver as a separate program.

The iFS feature means Web pages are published directly from the database, further reducing the cost and complexity of implementation.

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