Y2K software aims to eliminate scare-mongering

Y2K software aims to eliminate scare-mongering

Adelaide-based IT Services Consulting is recruiting resellers to deliver its year 2000 project management methodology to businesses throughout Australia.

The company, which has already recruited a number of resellers in South Australia and New South Wales, claims many organisations are underestimating the threat of the digital date crisis by treating it as a computer problem rather than a business problem.

According to Steve Adcock, manager of IT Services Consulting, the company has received strong interest in its Plan Y2K software from resellers.

"You can't build a house without a plan, yet many organisations are attempting to renovate their business systems - with the objective of eliminating their year 2000 problem - without a plan," Adcock claimed.

Plan Y2K provides the structure for organisations that need to both protect their business against Y2K disruption and demonstrate to their customers and suppliers that the issue is under control.

Adcock said resellers identified that Plan Y2K could assist them with specifying projects as well as providing clear audit trails to ensure they met all their contractual obligations.

He added that resellers could use the software to ensure their clients did not suffer from year 2000 scare-mongering.

"The bottom line is that you need to make sure your customer has repaired those areas that are needed to keep going," he said.

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