Cheyenne aims for universal in-box

Cheyenne aims for universal in-box

Data storage specialist Cheyenne Software will launch a Universal Inbox product for Windows NT before the end of March.

The company, which Computer Associates bought last year for $1.2 billion, is charting Internet and network messaging as a strategic product direction for 1997.

Its announced product, Cheyenne Communi-cations for Windows NT, will tightly integrate with major groupware products including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

Cheyenne 's vice president of NT sales and marketing, TM Ravi, said Cheyenne Communications is part of the company's strategic move into Internet/intranet messaging systems.

"Internet servers and messaging servers are becoming a strategic asset for an organisation," he said.

"Protection of these servers is really our mission . . . (through) focusing on our strengths providing storage management solutions and anti-virus solutions".

Another area of focus is computer-based telephony, fax and voice-mail type solutions, said Ravi. He said that currently messaging systems are used predominantly for e-mail, but said Cheyenne Communications integrates voice and fax together. The industry term for this is the Universal Inbox.

"It will have tight integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise and the release will be in 60 days," said Ravi.

Cheyenne's product plans accept the co-existence of multiple network operating systems in the enterprise computing environment, deployed to capitalise on their strengths. It believes organisations deploy Microsoft Windows NT primarily as an applications server, making it appropriate for a comprehensive product like Communications. NetWare's principle deployment as a security, print and file server makes Cheyenne's FaxSERVER product a natural extension of the operating system's print and file serving functions, said Ravi.

Another major initiative for Cheyenne during 1997 is what it refers to as "Directory Enabled Computing".

"We are making our products directory-aware," said Ravi. "To date, Windows NT has not had directory services and this has been one of its major weaknesses and an obstacle for high-end companies wanting to adopt NT-based solutions.

"Microsoft has announced that NT 5.0 will have something called Active Directory which is similar to the NDS directory services provided in NetWare. You will see Cheyenne make some major steps in the directory services area in terms of management of directory services and migration from one directory service to another," Ravi said.

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