Citrix preps new thin-client products

Citrix preps new thin-client products

At the Thinergy '98 conference last week, Citrix Systems showcased two thin-client products still in development.

A new offering, Ascot, will let IT managers fine-tune how end users work with specific applications as well as improve application monitoring capabilities. Using Ascot, managers can change what users see when they log on to an application on a machine running Microsoft's multiuser Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition (TSE). The tool will enable managers to simply create a rule and apply it to individual users or groups of users.

Also in development is software code-named Gemini, which is designed to make it easier to distribute and install application software on large server clusters running TSE or its predecessor, WinFrame. Based on code licensed from Epicon, Gemini watches how an application is installed, creating a script where executable, dynamic link library and other files are installed. Gemini uses the script to apply the process when installing the application on other servers.

Both products will begin beta tests later this year.

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