CA migrates Unicenter into the channel

CA migrates Unicenter into the channel

After six months of deliberation, CA has made its Unicenter Desktop DNA product available to the channel.

Part of the desktop management portfolio CA gained through its acquisition of Miramar Systems, it is designed to aid users in PC migration management. CA channel sales manager, Vicki Bain, said the product had, until now, been sold exclusively into the enterprise space by the company's direct arm.

"Miramar did not have the right strategy to take its products to the whole market," she said. "We are quite excited as we feel that CA now has the right push and strategy to make Desktop DNA in particular a product that applies not just to enterprise, but through to SMB and SOHO."

The idea to make the products available to the channel was an agonising and drawn out decision, Bain said.

"It has taken six months of discussion, planning, strategy and methodology to understand what our business partners want and what CA has that can support them," she said. "The biggest mistake CA could make would be to open up our books and say here are all these products, but not have the support infrastructure to back it up."

According to Bain the product would be the beginning of a new SMB push for the company.

"I believe the opportunities are more service orientated because there are so many SMB-type clients," she said.

"What would be a great value-add or service, would be if when I buy a new notebook or PC, I could pay a reseller or mass merchant a fee and they would move my data over, check my settings and get me on my way."

With the additional launch of a new anti-spyware product, Pest Patrol, CA was also keen to broaden its consumer strategy, Bain said.

"Pest Patrol will go right through our channel and into retail," she said. "We've had one antivirus product on the shelf all alone for a long time and want to grow the family of consumer products to include anti-spam, a consumer version of desktop DNA, some type of security suite and content control. Globally, CA has been putting a lot of focus on the consumer space."

CA was also assessing the viability releasing the rest of the desktop management portfolio to the channel, Bain said.

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