PC Solutions- Briefs

PC Solutions- Briefs

PC Solutions- briefs

Kyocera gets aggressive

Kyocera has exceeded expectations to become the second largest player in Australia's laser printer market in 1999, according to figures from industry analyst GartnerGroup.

The latest Q1 and Q2 1999 figures from Gartner show that Kyocera has moved from number five in 1997 to number two this year.

Kyocera's managing director, David Finn, said the company's sales growth has been achieved through aggressive marketing, competitive pricing, the introduction of a new and upgraded product base of laser printers, and the support of its reseller channel.

The new products include the FS-1200 entry-level laser printer, priced at $1480, which offers 12ppm driven by a high-powered 71MHz PowerPC processor with 600 x 600dpi resolution. goes WholesaleQueensland-based IT Wholesale, has won a deal to distribute Lexmark Australia's range of printers, services and printer products in Queensland.

Mike O'Halloran, Australian/New Zealand distribution sales manager for Lexmark, said IT Wholesale's good standing in the Queensland market would open up new opportunities for Lexmark.

`IT Wholesale is a printer reseller that has been established in the Queensland market for a long time,' O'Halloran said. `This appointment will not only help us to drive our sales and open up new opportunities in the region but will also improve our speed of delivery and increase customer access to the entire product line.'

Lexmark has recently launched a new range of high-quality and environmentally friendly laser printers, the Optra M, T and W, as well as two print/copy/fax/scan solutions for the business market.http://www.lexmark.comBeyond USB lies the FireWire specificationIEE 1394, also known as FireWire or iLink, is the specification for a port that is emerging as the standard for high-speed external peripherals that USB can't handle.

VST Technologies' new portable Ultra Slim FireWire hard drives are available in sizes from 8GB to 14GB.

The drives transfer files at 3Mbps or about 10 times the real-world speed of USB, and would suit users looking for fast additional storage, especially people who work with large files.http://www.vsttech.comChips get smaller and fasterLucent Technologies claims researchers at its Bell Labs have produced the world's smallest transistor, overcoming the physical barriers to smaller and faster silicon chips.

The 50-nanometre transistor - roughly 2000 times smaller than the width of a human hair - uses a `vertical' design where the components are stacked on top of a silicon wafer and the current flows vertically.

In conventional transistors, which typically measure 180 nanometres, the current flows horizontally and the components are formed within the wafer itself.

The new design resembles a rectangular block with a `gate' that switches current on and off on each of two opposing sides.

Lucent claims the multiple gates could nearly double the processing speed of some chips.http://www.lucent.comLife's good overseas for LGUS-based LG Electronics (LGE), which was hit hard by the Korean economic crisis, claims its plan to export its way out of trouble is working.

The company said October exports were at record levels and pushed it past its target for the full year.

LGE said monthly exports in October were $US650 million, its best month since the $570 million of November 1997, crediting the result on strong sales of fully flat monitors, cathode ray tubes, CD-ROM drives, air conditioners and televisions.

The company upgraded its export forecast for the year to $6.5 billion, which represents a 33 per cent increase on 1998.

Funky new Gateway sans AMD

Gateway has dropped the use of AMD processors in its computers, with the US launch of its newest all-in-one PC, Gateway Profile 2.

In the tradition of Apple's iMac and Sony's Vaio notebook, the Profile 2 delivers a curved, futuristic look, featuring a 15.1 inch LCD display, which gives resolutions of up to 1024 x 786, but consumes up to 70 per cent less energy.

The `legacy free' design features next-generation Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, replacing traditional slots and ports.

The system is no longer powered by an AMD processor, but by an Intel Celeron processor at 433MHz or 500 MHz, and features 64MB of SDRAM, up to 20.4GB of hard drive space, a 3.5 inch floppy drive, a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and an integrated V.90 modem.

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