After Hours: Manaccom CEO James Mackay

After Hours: Manaccom CEO James Mackay

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE Vroom With A View by Australian author, Peter Moore. Facing a mid-life crisis, he decides to buy a classic old Vespa and ride it from Milan to Rome. Moore takes the scenic route and discovers an Italy very few people get to see.

IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE ...I have to try to wangle a trip to Antarctica. I love to travel and I think the southern continent is the ultimate destination. Saying that though, a few more weeks in Italy wouldn't go astray.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ...and if money was no object, I think I'd drop it all, jump on a yacht and sail away. I've loved sailing since I was a kid and I couldn't think of anything better than working in syndicates to chase the big trophies around the world, such as the America's Cup. I suffer chronic seasickness though, so I might need a pretty good supply of Kwells, or similar.

I REALLY HATE ...tailgating, pumpernickel, racists, Eddie McGuire calling football (especially Collingwood games), queues, spam, passport control, cheats, slow Internet..

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