IT&T cuts training on 3Com's NBX

IT&T cuts training on 3Com's NBX

Conflicting reports this week have failed to clear up rumours regarding the performance of 3Com's NBX communications system.

3Com NBX training partners PowerLan IT&T have cut training on the communications system, claiming it did not fit with company moves to reposition itself on the training market.

Matt Tutaki, state education manager for IT&T, said while he had every faith in the 3Com product line, the company had decided to focus on core business rather than highly specialised training.

"Vendor training is often very specific," Tutaki said. "We looked at the customer base we usually deal with and decided we couldn't deliver 100 per cent commitment to the type of training required."

However Michelle Kinna, 3Com Australia/New Zealand marketing director, tells a different story.

"IT&T lost the two principal NBX trainers and as a result a mutual agreement was reached to dissolve our initial training relationship," Kinna said.

According to Kinna, NBX training will continue to be held at IT&T facilities, however 3Com staff would be required to teach the courses.

Tutaki, on the other hand, is unaware of any staff losses at IT&T, and claims it would have limited effect on the courses on offer.

"People come and go all the time. IT training is the same as the rest of the industry. If we lose someone we replace them -- we don't cut courses," Tutaki said.

Kinna said 3Com was planning to restructure its education services and intended to run a significant amount of product training online.

"Products such as the NBX communication system have a very specific industry focus, whereas institutions such as IT&T often are more interested in broad-based training," Kinna said. "We are now providing a significant amount of training online, including training associated with the NBX product line."

Both Kinna and Tutaki strongly denied any assertion that the decision to cut the training was based on slower-than-expected sales of the NBX product line.

Photograph: Powerlan IT&T's Matt Tutaki.

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