Senteq beds with Commsoft

Senteq beds with Commsoft

Developer and integrator Senteq Information Systems yesterday announced the signing of a deal with telecommunications software vendor CommSoft to integrate telephone and data billing products.

The two-year deal, worth an estimated $10 million, pertains not only to the integration and sale of the CommSoft products, it also include provisions for Senteq to develop the vendor's software according to perceived market requirements. Geoff Croshaw, Senteq's chief executive officer, is anticipating using the new partnership to leverage a stronger national presence in the voice and data integration arena.

"We have made this agreement based on our skill sets, not only will we be integrating the products, we will also use our skill sets to further develop some of the Commsoft products," Crowshaw said. "These products will then be distributed back through other Commsoft channels."

Crowshaw says hybrid integrator/developer relationships such as this one are on the rise, as they allow the vendors to get a greater understanding of market demands.

"We made this deal with CommSoft based on our VoIP skills and our development abilities," Croshaw said. "CommSoft have an understanding that we are very well positioned to offer a good mix of development ability together with an understanding of the market requirements. Every users requirements are different, and we are in a better position to gauge end-user requirements."

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