Channel fortunes hold their own in BRW 200

Channel fortunes hold their own in BRW 200

Channel companies shared the stage with software developers in this year's BRW richest 200 list, proving somewhat resilient to the tech sector cringe brought on by last year's dot com crash.

Most notably Theo Baker (Powerlan), Peter Kazacos (KAZ Computers) and David Shein (Com Tech) have all maintained a spot in the BRW's annual wrap up of the Australia's most well heeled.

However, all have suffered the fortunes of a fickle stock market. Baker found his way onto the list last year for the first time as he saw Powerlan's stock values soar to $3 each. Even though they are worth a more sobering 90 cents each, Baker spends little time counting his losses.

"I am more interested in where we are going as a company than where we are [on the stock exchange]," Baker said. "We are all susceptible to the gyrations of the market."

Baker believes the re-appearance of channel companies in the list is a tribute to the structure of the companies themselves.

"It is quite clear that the KAZ Computers, Com Techs and Powerlans of this industry are real businesses. We have all been around for at least 10 years and we didn't create wealth based on floating an idea we couldn't carry through. We created wealth by floating businesses with real potential," Baker said.

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