Optus releases pricing details

Optus releases pricing details

The heavily-hyped OptusNet ATM and frame relay services are to be priced at a flat rate within two zones - intercity and intracity. They will also be priced on a pay-per-use basis.

"A flat-rate charge for OptusNet services means that Australian companies can fundamentally change the way they think about communications networks and where they base a business in Australia," said John Filmer, Optus' director, corporate and government division. "This is because it now costs the same to send data to Sydney from Perth or from Melbourne."

Filmer said the new services could generate savings of $100 million collectively for corporate and government clients on their annual transmission costs when compared to leased line services.

"We estimate the market for 2Mbit/sec data services (services best suited to ATM) in Australia to be more than $200 million per annum. If all these services were implemented using Optus ATM services, corporate Australia could save $100 million annually," he said.

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