Rural portal seeks developers

Rural portal seeks developers

Joint venture rural portal The Farmshed is looking for a Web development partner after the untimely closure of Sapient Australia in March.

According to the portal's business development manager, Dennis Wood, Sapient completed all contractual obligations with The Farmshed before winding up its Sydney offices.

"Some of the Sapient staff working on our site actually moved over to The Farmshed when the Sydney office closed," Wood said. "We are developing a number of the online tools ourselves at the moment, but we are looking for a technology partner to develop a series of premium content tools."

Wood went on to indicate the portal's interest in partners with proven project management, back office integration and Web site personalisation experience.

"We are really interested in online integration skills, we are scoping a range of middleware tools at the moment and looking at possibilities in terms of ERP integration," Wood said.

Putting lie to the notion that only porn sites can make money on the Internet,The Farmshed provides rural end users with access to information, news and a series of merchandising modules which the company says are currently running at a profit.

This success has clearly caught the attention of the NAB new economy business incubators acceleration subsidiary O2-e, given the announcement of a $10 million investment in the company. O2-e joins existing investors JB Were, McKinsey & Company, Westfarmers Landmark, Rural Press and Kiwi Cooperative Dairies taking a 21 per cent stake in the venture. O2-e has also indicated it will participate in the creation of a business and financial services module for The Farmshed portal.

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