Tennyson makes a comeback

Tennyson makes a comeback

Despite a poorly timed launch into foreign markets that almost spelt the company's demise, Australian-based Tennyson Networks has clawed its way back into business and is about to resume trading on the ASX.

Tennyson marketing manager David Turton explained the company had originally halted trading voluntarily when its overseas expansion strategy fell victim to the dot-com disaster.

"We had a very positive response to our product line at international trade shows, so we tried to develop an export business by demonstrating that the product is saleable in other markets," Turton said. "Nobody could foresee what was going to happen with the tech economies. Suddenly we were left in the cold in about five different markets."

Rather than face posting weekly progress reports on the ASX, Tennyson took the bold move of halting trade on its shares while the company restructured.

"We had to make some major changes to the structure of the company," Turton said. "Now that we have made staff cutbacks in some areas and managed to attract members to the board, we are ready to list again."

According to Turton, the resumption of trade on the Tennyson shares will also signify a return to the Australian channel with renewed vigor.

"Our channel has really stuck by the product during this time, and now that we are wholly focused on Australia, we are willing and able to dedicate technical and sales support to our resellers," Turton said. "Our product line competes with IP telephony on one level, however, it is offered at an SME pricepoint and the only way to access that market is through the channel."

Although Turton confirmed Tennyson were interested in forming new channel partnerships, especially in the eastern states, he said the company focus would ensure its current partners were receiving the technical and sales support they required.

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