Developer Solutions- HITTING THE MARKET

Developer Solutions- HITTING THE MARKET



Hewlett-Packard has released the Chai Appliance Platform, an integrated suite of products designed to power the next generation of memory-constrained intelligent appliances.

HP claims the embedded-software platform extends e-services and provides device manufacturers with more functionality and customisation to allow them to get products to market faster and at a lower cost.

The Chai Appliance Platform incorporates previously released embedded-software products, such as ChaiVM, ChaiServer, ChaiFreezeDry, ChaiAWT, ChaiAppliance Plug and Play and TurboChai, with new products, Chai/E-speak, Chai/OpenView and ChaiFarer.

HP has a no charge development licence for the Chai Appliance Platform. http://www.chai.hp.comCompanion 2.0Dutch-based software company Companion has launched its latest Web development and site management product, using new methods for code reusability, site management, database publications, and resource and link management.

Known as Companion 2.0, the product comes with a powerful script editor, supporting features such as Syntax Colouring, Auto Completion, Drag and Drop, extensive HTML, and multi-user development.

Special introductory prices are (in US dollars) $199 for a single-user licence, $945 for a five-user licence, or $1895 for a 10-user licence. They are usually $349, $1675 and $2975 respectively. http://www.companion.nlSmartForceMicrosoft certified professionals (MCPs) can upgrade their skills at a Microsoft-approved online training course offered by SmartForce.

SmartForce, formerly CBT Systems, has created a dedicated e-Learning Web site exclusively for MCPs.

The solution includes online access to Microsoft-approved courseware, 24 x 7 online mentoring by SmartMentors, as well as numerous online learning resources geared to help MCPs deploy e-commerce, knowledge management and Windows 2000-based solutions.

MCPs can register by logging on to the MCP secure site at, while aspiring MCPs can log on to


MYOB Accounting Version 9 is designed so that businesses can manage the Wholesale Sales Tax and the GST at the same time, allowing them to set up for the GST ahead of time.

Purchase and invoice screens and matching printed forms have been updated to calculate and record applicable GST.

The software allows customers to input both the present ACN and the new Australian Business Number (ABN).

Later versions will include tax reform requirements as they unfold, the company said. MYOB Accounting Version 9 retails for $399 and MYOB Accounting Plus Version 9, which offers a special payroll and professional time billing feature, retails for $525. ExpressMFX Express is similar to antivirus software - but the `virus' it is fighting is the millennium bug. The program purges Y2K problems in your computer's hardware and desktop applications, and then sits alongside your other desktop icons ready to detect any new problems that might arise.

MFX Express incorporates the object code technology of the award-winning MFX 2000 to perform an operating system, application, and data file scan, and there is also a data scanner for spreadsheets and databases.

MFX Express retails for $99. Interested resellers should contact the distributor, Sasco, on (02) 9666 3588.

Luna Product Suite

US startup Luna Information Systems has launched a Java-based software suite that enables companies to present personalised business data to trading partners over the Web.

The Luna Product Suite can be used to tap into and combine data in enterprise resource planning systems and databases, and present it to business partners in a customised format every time they place an order or check inventory, billing or shipping.It runs on Solaris, HP-UX and Windows NT.

Luna is joining an increasingly crowded market that includes Siebel Systems, BEA WebLogic, BroadVision, Persistence and Pivotal.

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