Developer Solutions-Hitting the market

Developer Solutions-Hitting the market

Solaris developers will soon be able to use Inprise's Java development tool when the company releases a Solaris edition of JBuilder Enterprise next month.

JBuilder 3.0 Enterprise - Solaris Edition, which is the first Borland development tool for a non-Windows platform, was co-developed by Inprise and Sun Microsystems.

According to Inprise, JBuilder Enterprise is the most comprehensive visual development tool for creating Pure Java applications, applets, JSP/servlets, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans and distributed CORBA applications.

To be released in Australia and New Zealand on November 22, JBuilder 3.0 Enterprise Solaris Edition will be priced at $3980 for new users, $3500 for those upgrading from Pro and $2700 for upgrades from CS/Enterprise.

A beta version of the Java development tool is available now. Information about the enterprise beta program is at Developer PackOracle and Sun Microsystems have joined forces to create what they describe as a new low-cost, high-performance developer pack for independent software vendors.

The Sun/Oracle Developer Pack delivers Sun hardware, development software and the Solaris operating system with Oracle development tools, at PC prices, according to Sun Microsystems.

The package includes a range of Oracle software, one-year hardware support, Web-based software support, computer-based training and a 10 per cent discount on education.

To be eligible, developers must be company members of the Sun Developer Connection (SDC) and the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Priced at around $8000 for an entry level system, Developer Pack consists of Oracle 8i enterprise edition, Oracle WebDB, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Developer & Server, Oracle Designer, Oracle JDeveloper and Sun Ultra 5 360MHz workstation with Solaris.

For more information contact 1800 628 193.

Linkbot Enterprise 1.0

A new e-testing program from Tetranet Software will allow large companies to better manage and maintain Web quality.

Linkbot Enterprise 1.0 is a database-driven, scalable Web site management solution, which can scan large, enterprise-wide sites containing from 150,000 to several million links.

Features include an SQL database for information storage, allowing greater scalability, and the generation of customised HTML or ASP reports to allow senior management, team leaders and developers to assess the status of their Web sites and monitor quality issues in specific areas. Pricing starts at $3995.

A free 30-day evaluation copy is available from www.tetranetsoftware.comCoSORT Version 7.0Innovative Routines International has released its new version of CoSORT across all Unix and Windows NT platforms.

CoSORT Version 7.0 adds a Java cross-platform GUI, allowing Win32 and Unix Java client users to read and write data layout and job control files graphically, then launch locally or remotely on Windows NT or Unix servers.

CoSORT's sort control language program (sortcl) now also supports full relational joins (matches), SQL condition syntax, database index sequencing for loads, extended Web log and comma separated values (CSV) input and html output for Web ready reports.

More information can be obtained from SonicMQProgress Software has announced an Internet messaging server for Java developers, to be known as Progress SonicMQ.

The new server is based on the Java Message Service (JMS) specification from Sun, which provides a common set of messaging concepts and programming strategies, allowing Java developers to add enterprise messaging capabilities to their applications.

SonicMQ features hub and spoke architecture to allow clustering for critical processes, XML compliance, graphical administration to ease configuration and management, and hierarchical name spaces that allow topics to contain sub-topics.

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