Developer Solutions- Hitting The Market

Developer Solutions- Hitting The Market


New versions of IBM WebSphere and VisualAge for JavaIBM has announced new versions of its WebSphere family of application development tools and middleware, as well as a revampted edition of its application development environment VisualAge for Java.

The newly released versions 3.0 of WebSphere Application Servers, standard and advanced editions, WebSphere Performance Pack, WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java have been designed to `enable businesses to integrate their existing IT infrastructure and extend it to the Web', IBM claimed.

Marketed to those developing second-generation Web applications, the new versions of WebSphere and VisualAge for Java are based on open standards, such as Servlets, Java Server Pages, XML and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), allowing developers to integrate disparate systems and platforms and extend them to the Web.

`This is the first time in the industry that a company can offer a full range of products that service the whole spectrum of Web-site development,' Jack Verdins, IBM Australia's marketing manager for application and integration middleware commented.

According to Verdins, the new versions of the tools will increase developer productivity, as well as deliver better product performance for the customer thanks to the increase in connectivity of legacy systems. For more information refer to com/software/ad/news/websphere-visualage.

COOL: Joe from Sterling Software

Sterling Software's COOL range of enterprise development products has been given some new capabilities with the release of COOL: Joe, a second generation Model-based integrated Java development environment. This latest e-business development tool incorporates `advanced component modelling and generation capabilities' that, according to Sterling, allow developers to implement EJB technology without `having to become experts in things like CORBA and EJB'.

The COOL product range combines enterprise development capabilities including e-business modelling, enterprise application integration, legacy system reuse and distributed component generation and assembly.http://www.sterling.comSilverStream ramps up latest EJB serverSilverStream Software is upgrading its application server and tools to better support key Java standards, and is splitting off the server run time from its tools package to give users of other Java tools easier access to the platform.

Arriving in beta this month with general availability toward year's end, SilverStream Application Server 3.0 supports the Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specifications, including full Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1 functionality and support for CORBA 2.3, Servlets, and JavaServer Pages, said David Litwack, president and CEO of Silverstream in Massachusetts.

SilverStream's latest upgrade also includes an extensible markup language (XML) parser, and XML is used in the server to link to third-party development tools and for storing meta data on applications, Litwack said.

To ease the use of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), the package now includes SilverStream 3.0 EJB Deployment Designer.http://www.silverstream.comMagic for Linux Enterprise Server v 8.3The latest version of Magic Software's Magic Enterprise Server for Linux is about to begin shipping and will initially be offered at a special price of $3950, Magic Software has announced.

Running on Red Hat Linux 6.1, Magic Enterprise Server's version 8.3 supports distributed processing, application partitioning and Web deployment, allowing developers to port legacy and e-commerce applications to the Linux operating system.

The release confirms Magic's commitment to the Linux operating system that started with its initial, limited edition release of Magic for Linux in March.

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