Club Ruggerby

Club Ruggerby

Club ruggerby

First you got the story (see Tabloid, September 22), now here are the pictures.

The one place where serious channel players really need to be seen in Australia every four years is with the big names of rugby as the Wallabies are feted and farewelled by their corporate buddies before departing for the-game-they-play-in-heaven's biggest event.

The 1999 Rugby World Cup, now underway in Whales and Ingerland, will be the biggest international sporting event this year and Australia are one of the favourites to secure the prized William Webb Ellis trophy awarded to the winners.

At a recent $400-per-head corporate lunch arranged by some entrepreneurial types recognising the value in extracting money from corporations making too much money, snorage solutions vendor Veritas hosted several tables for its friends, Romans and countrymen.

While those Tabloid journalists and channel partners present were on their best behaviour, some of the hosts degenerated into shameless promotional manoeuvring and the securing of heirlooms for the family album.

Seen below is Veritas marketing manager Amy Christopher and channel partner ASK Solutions' rugby-loving client services manager, Gareth Pritchard, taking a shameless marketing opportunity with the highly successful day's MCs, `Rampaging' Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson.

Not content just to be photographed with the famous comic duo, the inset shows a vertically challenged Pritchard also seeking out Wallabies skipper John Eales and first mate David Wilson for a snapshot to show the grandchildren.

Over 2500 people packed the Darling Harbour Convention Centre on the day to wish the Wallabies luck in their attempts to regain the World Cup they won in 1991 but surrendered to the South Africans in 1995.

As per usual with things pertaining to rugby, the general consensus amongst Australian fans present on the day is that perhaps it is not so important to win the damn thing, so long as we beat New Zealand.

LANMANIA rides again

Every industry has its good side and well, the `other' side. Now at Tabloid we know this doesn't mean `bad', so we'll call it the `amusing underbelly'.

What we refer to of course is that IP-everywhere collection of hard-drinking types from the networking industry. And at the centre of this story is that venerable networking distributor LAN Systems, which last week announced the launch of LANMANIA2000, touted as `the most talked about promotion in the networking industry'.

For those not in the know, LAN Systems reseller partners compete to earn the most points between October 1 and March 31 to earn a seat on the LANMANIA tour to the US visiting Networld+Interop Las Vegas, New Orleans and Los Angeles in May next year.

Resellers earn points according to their status as a Category A (large city dealer), B (medium city dealer), C ( large town dealer), D (small town dealer) or E (Cisco Gold/Worldwide Partners) dealer. Accordingly, each category requires a different dollar amount in sales for the dealer to earn one point (between $20 and $250 ex tax per point).

Last year's LANMANIA saw the collection of delegates live it up in New Orleans where, among many other things, they were treated to their own Mardi Gras parade.

You will be pleased to know the parade is on again next year, as is the annual Jazz festival to be headlined by Carlos Santana. Another highlight is a no-public-allowed night out at the famous House of Blues. The hot rumour is delegates will witness an exclusive performance by veteran Stones-man Keith Richards at the House. Performers on previous LANMANIAs have included the Neville Brothers, Herbie Hancock and Elvis Costello.

Meanwhile, over at N+I in Las Vegas on the business side of the tour, delegates will also be treated to exclusive, non-disclosure meetings with senior execs from the top networking vendors. All this sounds incredibly unmissable, so where is the underbelly we spoke of?

Firstly, our Tabloid spy who attended this year's event reports the view from the Hospitality Suite looking over New Orleans' Bourbon Street provides enough entertainment in itself.

But what really caught Tabloid's attention was rumours of LAN Systems' chief marketing officer, Nick Verykios, involved in something called `pole dancing'.

When questioned, an amused Verykios would only laugh `guiltily'. Other spies speak of drunken behaviour leading to serious ill-health, which for the networking industry is the carrot of all incentives.

So unless you believe in the motto `what goes on tour stays on tour', Tabloid calls for this year's delegates to confidentially disclose forbidden tales of LANMANIA to arn_tabloid@ - it's for the greater good you know.


Just who was the Tabloid correspondent who, while recently in Hawaii, found himself driving on the wrong side of the road which then caused an accident - albeit a minor one?

No names, no packdrill, but you should know that this particular scribe has done time as a motoring hack in his dark past and that the incident had nothing to do with the bikini-clad locals that were providing an ever-present distraction.

Thought for the week

Confucious say: Man who walk through airport door sideways, probably going to Bangkok.

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