Wall Data brings legacy data to the Web

Wall Data brings legacy data to the Web

Wall Data this week announced a suite of development tools to enable businesses to integrate legacy and other corporate data into Web applications.

Cyberprise Developer Studio enables the authoring of complex Web applications as well as the capability to provide Web user interfaces to mainframe and AS/400 applications. The suite is built on standards and integrates with other development environments, according to Wall Data officials.

The suite consists of six products:

* Cyberprise Server is an application server that enables content to be delivered to intranets, extranets, and the Internet.

* Cyberprise Host provides access to business applications on host systems. It provides the same reliability as Wall Data's Rumba client products.

* Cyberprise Host Developer enables developers to author host applications using ActiveX controls. It also contains tools that enable mainframe and AS/400 applications to be re-engineered to use Web-based user interfaces.

* Cyberprise DBApp Developer lets users reverse-engineer ODBC-compliant databases, migrate databases to different platforms, and build new databases for Web applications. The product automates the creation of Web pages and application logic, including SQL code.

* Cyberprise InfoPublisher enables the publishing of various media to the Web and can also create channels.

* Cyberprise Report, Query and Cube Designer lets users build reports with a point-and-click interface. The reports, queries, and online analytical processing cubes can then be published to any InfoPublisher user. The product can also create reports from disparate data sources.

The suite also includes the Rumba ObjectX Development Kit, which enables Wall Data's Rumba customers to migrate to the Cyberprise platform.

The product suite will be shipping in October.

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