eVapourware vs9.1b finally hits the market

eVapourware vs9.1b finally hits the market

Self-proclaimed vendor of everything Acme Technology has released the latest model of its much-touted eVapourware series, version 9.1b.

Launching the product at the ThinAir IT expo in Sydney last week, Acme product marketing manager Bob Bobberson said version 9.1b is "the most exiting development in the history of computing".

The product, due on the shelves at some stage in the not-too-distant future, is able to transform itself into multiple devices and peripherals on command, with pre-loaded software customised to user preferences after a simple fingerprint scan. It will also retail "well below the price of its competitors, who haven't even thought of such a product yet", according to Bobberson.

When asked about what operating system the product will run on, Bobberson said the product will run on Linux, HP AIX, Solaris, Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000, and "any other freekin' OS you can throw at it".

Bobberson said this impressive development work was funded by a multimillion dollar Government grant awarded after the enormously fantabulous success of eVapourware version 9.0.

"For a dot-zero version, eVapourware version 9.0 deluxe edition was an enormous success," said Bobberson. "It won Snazziest Product of the Year at eDreamworld, and an Oscar for best lighting and choreography at eInternetWorld 1999," he said.

Tabloid's interview with Bobberson ended abruptly when asked whether version 9.0 ever hit the shelves. As he fled to a waiting limousine, he was asked whether version 9.1b is expected to ever be sold on retail shelves.

"Wake up for Christ sake," he responded. "Its the 21st Century. Who buys retail?"

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