Microsoft, DataChannel Unleash XML Parser

Microsoft, DataChannel Unleash XML Parser

Microsoft Corp. and DataChannel Inc. yesterday announced the second beta version of their co-developed Extensible Markup Language (XML) parser written in Java.

The XJ2 parser contains a higher performance validating XML engine, support for Extensible Query Language (XQL) and data transformations through the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL).

The XSL processor enables developers to apply style sheets to XML data in order to transform or display the data. The XQL support enables the querying of information within an XML document.

The parser also fully supports the World Wide Web Consortium's Document Object Model recommended proposal, in addition to XML Schemas, which define the elements within an XML data set.

The parser can also run on the server side, to enable passing data across disparate servers and platforms.

The parser can be downloaded at

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