SCO dumps Express Data, MUA for MPA and Tardis

SCO dumps Express Data, MUA for MPA and Tardis

Operating systems vendor the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) today announced it has dumped former national distributors Express Data and the defunct MUA in favour of niche players Tardis and MPA.

SCO Pacific, a member of the SCO server software division sold to Caldera Systems last year, terminated its long-term relationship with Express Data to opt for distributors that will put more emphasis on the vendor's product line. SCO Pacific's regional general manager, Kieran O'Shaughnessy, said.

He claims the vendor is looking to build its Linux product line under the Caldera banner and SCO's own Unix range through smaller niche distributors that will place more importance on the vendor's account than a large time-and-place distributor like Express Data can afford to.

While O'Shaughnessy defended the performance of Express Data as a distributor, he said the restructuring was a case of "getting greater focus from [its] distributors".

The company signed up OS platform distributor Tardis in October 2000 and was forced to rethink its distribution strategy again after the demise of MUA in March this year. The next move was to step up the privately owned and long-time sub-distributor MPA to the level of authorised supplier.

The revelation is a back flip of sorts for the Australian operations of the company after it affirmed that its staff and channel strategy would remain intact after the acquisition was announced. At the time, SCO had laid off 19 per cent of its worldwide staff and had endured a quarter-on-quarter revenue slide. O'Shaughnessy would not be drawn on the company's current financial position.

SCO Pacific has entered a "quiet period" before a planned meeting on May 4 in the US to gain shareholders' final approval for the acquisition.

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