Intel partners with RealNetworks

Intel partners with RealNetworks

Amidst the turmoil surrounding its deflated stock value, RealNetworks on Wednesday announced that it has struck a deal with Intel to provide technology for two of the chip maker's PC boards, according to RealNetworks officials.

Under the agreement, RealNetwork's Media Management Software will be distributed with two new Intel PC desktop boards, the D815EEA2 and D815EFV. The RealNetworks software includes the company's popular RealPlayer and RealJukebox media players. The Intel boards will ship with upcoming Pentium III and Celeron desktop PC processors, according to RealNetworks officials.

The inclusion of RealNetwork's technology on Pentium III and Celeron chips will enable the processors to execute streaming audio and video functions, using RealNetworks technology as the default program, said Richard Cohen, senior vice president for consumer products at RealNetworks, based in Seattle.

RealNetwork's stock fell 20 per cent on Tuesday following rumors that America Online was prepared to end an exclusive deal with RealNetworks that made its technology the default media player for AOL customers.

RealNetworks has more than 60 million registered users running some version of its media player, according to company officials.

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