XML developer finds new niche

XML developer finds new niche

Australian software developer N-space has found itself a new niche market, creating a collaborative digital photographic library for the South Australian Government which documents the history of South Australia's indigenous population.

Normally dealing with corporate clients such as Hills Industries, N-space has carved itself a new market among galleries, museums and other institutions looking to present documents and images in interactive ways.

The Online library N-space has developed for the Division of State Aboriginal Affairs (DOSAA) in Adelaide marks the beginning of Reconciliation Week, and allows the general public to collaborate in real-time with the image database.

Users are able to search and select an image, and submit comments to the photographic record to be reviewed by the DOSAA, who may then choose to update the record. This collaborative ability was made available through N-space's WorkSpace workflow and content management tool, the centrepiece of the developer's offering.

N-space CEO Peter Papas said the company is primarily a developer of such tools, rather than a channel company that integrates a variety of tools. But while the company is product-focused, it is currently using its own internal resources to do the implementation and integration work at the client's site. "Because of our size thus far, it's simply been a case of implementation out of necessity," said Papas. "We have the skills so we will use them. But ideally we'd like to focus on product as opposed to building up our implementation capability."

In the near future Papas hopes to attract developer partners such as the Big Five and other system integrators, and also develop ISV relationships with vendors like IBM and Sun Microsystems.

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