Australia sticks to Net usage

Australia sticks to Net usage

Australia has been named amongst the world's top countries for Web usage, according to the Global Internet Index released by Nielsen/NetRatings for April.

The report, which measured Internet usage across 23 countries found Australians visit an average of 17 unique sites each month and spend an average of 35 minutes online in each Internet session.

Australians and New Zealanders are also the "stickiest" surfers in the world, spending around 52 seconds on each Web page they visit. New Zealanders visited more unique sites per month - 19 to Australia's 17 - but both are about the 15 site world average. South Korea tops the list for sites visited each month with 26, followed by Hong Kong with 25, Singapore with 22, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia.

"Surfers within the Asia Pacific region are clearly continuing to drive a high level of global Internet activity," said managing director of Pacific, Brian Milnes adding countries such as South Korea and Hong Kong were still showing usage behaviour associated with early Internet markets. "Over time we would expect surfers in these markets to identify the sites which meet their needs and considerably narrow their monthly surfing activity," he said.

In contrast, US Internet users only visit an average of 10 unique sites each month, according to the Index.

Worldwide Web usage increased 10 million over March figures. Nielsen/NetRatings predicts 390 million people now use the Internet. The index is compiled using real-time data from more than 220,000 samples from around the world.

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