ICSGlobal plugs AHMG into Thelma

ICSGlobal plugs AHMG into Thelma

ASX-listed boutique IT consultancy ICSGlobal has signed up its first health insurer to its B2B transactional health exchange THELMA.

ICSGlobal has spent 18 months and around $5 million developing THELMA (Transactional Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications) in a bid to provide a secure online transaction-based system for insurers, clinicians, consumers and health suppliers.

The Australian Health Management Group (AHMG), a health insurer to around 280,000 Australians, has signed up with THELMA to reduce manual processing costs and improve its operating efficiencies. AHMG has been trialling THELMA since the proof of concept went live last October.

Greg King, Healthcare business director for ICSGlobal, claims the system allows insurers and other health care agencies to automate information and financial transactions without having to change their internal business processes.

"For example, a health insurer may not be aware that a patient has checked into a hospital until after they get the bill. But [the insurer] might have a host of discharge services such as dog walking or child minding that a person who's just had a knee operation would benefit from if they had known about it. THELMA informs the insurer as soon as the person is admitted," said King.

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