Digital photography a snap

Digital photography a snap

Kodak has beefed up its digital photography product range, launching a new consumer product line that allows users to print and share digital images with greater ease.

Dubbed EasyShare, the system incorporates a docking station and two new camera models that automatically upload photos to the PC, as well as recharge the camera's battery pack. The company has announced two new models - the Kodak DX3500 and the DX3600 Zoom digital camera.

According to Kodak executives, the idea is to make digital photography as easy as possible for consumers.

"Through EasyShare, Kodak will bring the same benefit of simplicity to people in the Digital Age by making it extremely simple for anyone to enjoy the rewards of digital photography," said chief marketing officer and vice president of digital and applied imaging at Kodak, Pierre Schaeffer. "We intend to harness all the advantages of EasyShare to achieve Kodak's goal of being among the top sellers of consumer digital cameras."

Future models of Kodak's consumer digital cameras will also utilise EasyShare.

Schaeffer believes the digital photography market can grow far beyond its current 5 per cent household penetration in Australia.

Kodak has been busy releasing a number of new consumer products into the market, including the MC#3, which features an MP3 player, a digital/still camera and digital video in one device. It has also been working with Palm to produce the PalmPix cameras for handhelds.

The first of the EasyShare cameras will be available this month. The Kodak DX3500 is expected to retail for $799, including the camera dock. Prices for the DX3600 Zoom will be announced by early July.

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