Very-kosher staves off LAN Mania embarrassment

Very-kosher staves off LAN Mania embarrassment

LAN Mania must surely be the networking channel's premier partner event, helped by the fact that it is staged over 10 days in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Hosted by networking distributor LAN Systems and its vendor partner/buddy 3Com, it's developed something of a work-hard/party-hard reputation.

However there almost proved to be an upset this year, with chief ringleader Nick Verykios almost succumbing to the dreaded lurgy.

Waking early one morning last week with a 40 degree forehead, Verykios took matters into his own hands. A quick visit to the doc for a swift injection (we don't want to imagine where) and Verykios was back on deck for the big day, partying all night and pretending his croaky voice was normal.

"I'm *&^@&%& invincible!" the reveller was heard to exclaim that evening.

Yeah, maybe. But one thing's for certain, Verykios' medical aid was just enough to save him from being publicly flogged on the Vegas strip for exhibiting piker tendencies, a big no-no for LAN Mania.

Meanwhile, sources report that ARN's former editor-in-chief (we've forgotten his name already) executed a well-timed cameo, turning up on the night after enduring a day of on-the-spot reporting at Networld+Interop for his new US-based (non-channel) magazine, InfoWorld.

Sources claim that in the early hours of the morning, the expatriate Australian was still trying to convince everyone he hasn't "turned his back on the channel", despite moving over to an end-user publication.

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