Novell to provide directories for Sun's Jini

Novell to provide directories for Sun's Jini

Novell is in negotiations with Sun Microsystems to provide directory services for the much-heralded Jini platform, according to Novell's Christopher Stone, senior vice president of strategy and corporate development.

"What Jini needs is a directory," said Stone earlier this week.

"We are working with some to have NDS (Novell's directory service) become the directory service for Jini."

Jini is an API (application programming interface), which Sun says will make it easier for developers to build distributed networks and which will allow any device connected to a network to be represented by a software object. Jini also provides the way to label and find those objects.

What this means is that devices such as cameras, printers, PCs or palm computers will be able to be plugged into a network. A directory service would allow the network to register the device and automatically configure it for the network.

But it seems Novell likes to butter its bread on both sides when it comes to Jini.

Stone said that Novell is also in discussions with Microsoft about providing its directory to Microsoft's Millenium project, likely to be a direct competitor with Sun's Jini.

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