Tyan releases dual processor motherboards

Tyan releases dual processor motherboards

Mainboard vendor Tyan has expanded its line of multiprocessor system boards, releasing a raft of dual-processor offerings for entry-level workstations through to high-performance systems.

Founded in 1989 in Silicon Valley, the company created the first Sun Clone platform, and in 1991 migrated to the PC market to develop high-end system boards and peripheral cards. The company has traditionally focused on the higher end of the server and workstation market, but its latest offerings are primarily aimed at entry-level workstations and servers. Tyan is shipping the Tiger 230 system board for entry-level workstations, as well as the Tiger 200 for desktop and rack-mount servers. Additionally, the company has announced the Trinity KT-A system board for the desktop market, and at the high end has launched the Thunder HesI for both workstation and server applications. The board accepts up to two Pentium III processors, as well as 64-bit PCI peripherals.

The company is looking to expand its market share in Australia, particularly amongst systems integrators. Country manager Patty Miao is keen to develop the dual-CPU market in Australia - a market she believes has a lot of room for growth and a lot of opportunities for integrators.

"Tyan is very well known in the US," she said. "But we want to create more brand awareness in Australia."

The boards are available now through Tyan distributors Global Business Technology, Westan, Direct Memory Access and IPS.

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