From one century ... to the next

From one century ... to the next

It's been 10 years since ARN's first issue came out to "provide a conduit between distributors and the reseller channel", reporting on "the news that could not be carried in a general computer press". Then, the publication was known simply as Reseller, the magazine for Australian computer resellers. Since then we've experienced a few permutations, grew with the channel, "smoked but didn't inhale" and, at least in our case, indulged in some serious community gossip on the page variably known as Floorplan, At Large and most recently Tabloid.

Now, we may not be legally entitled to our celebratory alcoholic beverage just yet, but it seems we're mature enough for 79 per cent of resellers, distributors and vendors in the channel of Oz to use us as their preferred source of information and to identify the writers of this page as their favourite gossip-mongers in channel press. Thank you and we raise our glass of milk to an even more mature future!

Maturity, of course, means more than the legal entitlement to alcohol consumption - new technology, consolidation and that famously overused, but often experienced "shifting of paradigms" have all left their mark in the exciting world of the margin. Over the years, we've asked and tried to answer many a pertinent question on your behalf and we promise to continue to do so. This year, we begin by asking, "Can you keep your job at TechPac if your name is David?" (see our news analysis special starting on page 1). As for the past, it is often a good indicator of things to come, so this week we remind you of the channel news we've covered for you in the first issue of ARN for the years 1994-2001.

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