Gartner: Focus on e-comm, wireless, sourcing

Gartner: Focus on e-comm, wireless, sourcing

It's not only outsourcing that integrators need to get their heads around. According to GartnerGroup, you will also have to concentrate on sourcing.

Participants at the GartnerGroup European Symposium/ ITxpo 99 last week heard much about electronic commerce, wireless technology and `sourcing' - a new buzzword Gartner uses to describe the various ways that corporations can staff IT projects.

The Symposium was held in Cannes from November 1-4 with attendees including IT directors as well as executives from IT vendors.

It's hardly surprising that European IT directors are focused on e-commerce, considering the difficulty many of their companies are having in making the transition to e-commerce. In fact, Gartner said last week that European businesses are drastically underestimating the cost of becoming e-businesses by as much as 50 per cent.

Customers hoodwinked

The main fault for the underfunding, said Peter Sondergaard, a group vice president of GartnerGroup, lies with the vendors of IT products for large corporations. `They [IT directors] buy into the marketing of the vendor community that you just buy this package and it's everything you need,' Sondergaard said.

Almost 70 per cent of the cost of implementing online commerce is people costs. As finding good IT staff continues to be a problem, companies will need to not only think about outsourcing, said Sondergaard. They will have to look inside and see if they have the expertise in-house. Sondergaard calls this extension of outsourcing sourcing, since the solutions lie within the corporate boundaries.

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