Netbridge focuses on customer

Netbridge focuses on customer

Netbridge's general manager, David Evans (below), speaks to Philip Sim.

When and how did NetBridge come into being?

Our parent company AAG Technology Services started in Brisbane in 1986. It now has five different business units including Netbridge, which is the integration division, AMS (reseller), Quadriga (consulting), Affinity (recruitment) and Prion (distribution). Netbridge refocused on systems integration about three years ago and the name was created two years ago.

How would you rate the company's success since you adopted the new focus on integration?

We've come a long way. It's a big move to shift away from the historical reseller model, it takes a lot of work and you have to establish the people and processes you need to run a system integration house.

What are your company's key strengths?

The feedback we get when talking to customers and partners is that we are very focused on the customer's business problems. People respect our professionalism and we have very experienced project managers.

We've also come a long way in developing our TeamService method-ology which enables us to efficiently implement IT infrastructure projects.

Our strengths are our technical capability and knowledge, specifically in the areas we focus on; our national coverage; and our very strong relationships with key vendors.

What proportion of your business is services and do you intend to grow that?

Services account for 30 per cent of our business. Being a system integration company, we integrate products so I would say it's not as important to grow the services proportion of our business as it is to grow the total revenue of the business. It's possible that for most system integrators 30 to 40 per cent of services is a reasonable mix.

What is your key customer base?

We are very focused on the customers who want us and that we can add value to. The customers we're looking for are those that we can provide the total provision of their IT infrastructure to, that have limited IT resources. They may be small or large but they're looking for an IT partnership.

We look to large customers as people who might buy our professional services from us but may not necessarily buy product through us. So we're not so much focused on a particular industry group, we're focused on customers that have a particular buying process and have a need for a partnership. If they need us, we have a good chance of having good relations.

What are the biggest opportunities for your company in the future?

The opportunity is to meet the customer's expectations, be professional and stay focused on the customer's business problem.

If you do all that right there are huge opportunities for what we do in infrastructure implementation, support and e-commerce.

From a geographical perspective, Sydney and Melbourne are very big opportunities for us. Queensland still represents 25 to 30 per cent of our revenues but we're very focused on growing our business in Sydney and Melbourne.

What are the biggest threats to your company in the future?

Our people are who we are. So our ability to provide challenging and fulfilling careers for our people is our biggest challenge. We're very focused on doing everything we can to ensure we do provide our staff with careers that are both rewarding and fulfilling.

What is your attitude to partnering with other integrators?

One of our major strategies is to focus on partnering with software houses. We say let us look after your customer's infrastructure, we will take away that problem. We will focus on that side of the business and they can focus on the software application.

As a result, some of our biggest partners today could be our competitors tomorrow, so it takes a good deal of trust for both parties to say we are both going to be successful at this point.

How would you describe the management outlook/style of the company?

We provide autonomy to responsible people. We're about allowing people to do their jobs and to solve problems.


Based: Brisbane

Key offerings: Systems integration, support services, e-commerceServices: 30 per centRevenues: $40 millionOwnership: Part of AAG Technology ServicesOffices: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

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