Technology ‘hand-me up’ trend emerging in Aussie families: Optus

Technology ‘hand-me up’ trend emerging in Aussie families: Optus

Claims Aussie kids own newer devices and have more tech knowledge than parents

Forget ‘hand-me downs’, Aussie parents are coming to grips with the notion of ‘hand-me ups’, according to new Optus research, which revealed Australia’s mums and dads now have to wait in line for their children’s cast-offs when it comes to technology like old mobile phones and tablets.

Optus surveyed 1256 parents of children aged 12-30 years, distributed throughout Australia.

By waiting for their children’s ‘hand-me ups’ parents are fast being knocked off their pedestal as the family tech expert.

In 68 per cent of households studied, dads aren’t the most knowledgeable about technology and are being superseded by the younger, savvier generation. It’s the kids who are now called upon to fix modern family IT woes such as syncing email accounts from one device to another and loading social media accounts to mobile handsets.

The study found that while dads own the most of the devices, it’s the kids who enjoy the luxury of them. The younger generation also owns the newest versions of tech such as mobile handsets and laptops in 58 per cent of families surveyed.

And mums are finding themselves as the dumping ground for the oldest tech, with 53 per cent owning non-smart mobile phones between two to five years old compared to 38 per cent of dads.

“Long gone are the days where kids waited eagerly until mum or dad bought a new phone or laptop so they could get their hands on the old one,” Optus head of brand, Nathan Rosenberg, said.

It also found that nearly four in ten parents (38 per cent) are still living in the technology dark ages and are yet to update their mobile handset to a smartphone, with 12 per cent stating they ‘fear’ their kids would be jealous if they owned better devices as the main reason not to upgrade.

The research also suggested that parents are fed up with being lumbered at the bottom of the pile for device ownership, with 48 per cent wishing they could update their devices more regularly and 80 per cent stating they would like to receive a technology device as a gift.

“Today’s ‘digital generation’ are privy to new technology and how it works before their parents and are fast ousting them as the family CIO - which is much to the their dismay,” Rosenberg said.

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