Form Guide: The Tech Pac Stakes

Form Guide: The Tech Pac Stakes

With Tech Pac on the market, Tabloid assesses the form of potential buyers:

CHA (8) - CHA is unlikely to finish the race in good stead, after a recent incident in the stable where the horse tried to swallow a competitor. Considering the relative size and weight of the horses involved, one would wonder whether CHA's indigestion might interfere with his chances on the track today. 500 to 1Dicker Data (7) - A homegrown success story on the Australian track, Dicker Data knows where it should be racing and where it shouldn't. As much as it would be crazy to underrate this horse as a chance, the punters do not seem too confident that it can make the distance. 100 to 1Avnet (6) - Avnet is hard to stop when we're talking hardware and components racing, but in this event one has to wonder whether his owners have enough of a look-in on the Australian circuit to win this race. 15 to 1Siltek (5) - Surrounded by recent controversy, one year ago Siltek's form would have suggested the Tech Pac Stakes was his for the taking. As much as his owners have been assuring the racing press that he is a rejuvenated racehorse, one feels he'll be edged out by the in-form competitors on the track today. 20 to 1Alstom IT (4)- From the worldwide Alstom stables, known for breeding a winner or 10, Alstom is unstoppable in enterprise races. Whether he can pick up in the Tech Pac stakes really comes down to how much commitment his owners will put in to preparing him for the Cup. Alstom's odds have been steadily declining since he drew a wide barrier earlier this morning. 16 to 1The Mystery Horse (3)- Punters were puzzled by this entry. After the late scratching of reigning champion Hagemeyer, the gap has been filled by this mysterious equine, listed as "Mystery Horse", at the tote. Today his jockey will wear very silly-looking, bright clothing and a little cap. He is known for streaking down the outside and stealing the glory in the last leg 5 to 1Dimension Data (2) - Not much has been said about this big South-African stayer in the past. The punters are well aware of the stellar performance of his two champion offspring, Express Data and Com Tech. Winning the Tech Pac stakes could give DiData a major dominance in the distie class, with Express Data already winning a large share of the races so far. Walking around the presentation circle this morning, punters wondered whether DiData even wanted to get on the track in a distie event. Still, in the absence of any other stable that can afford such a prize, there are a few winks and nudges suggesting DiData may beat Ingram to the post. 5 to 2Ingram Micro (1)- The firm favourite. His international success has been outstanding, but in Australia he's found it tough-going so far. This blue-blooded stead has some quality owners and trainers, and good support. It is one of the only horses in the race that the punters predict to be able to make this distance. 4 to 6.

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