Ozisoft releases new gaming titles

Ozisoft releases new gaming titles

Distributor Ozisoft announced last week it would be releasing a new PC gaming title called Startopia to retailers in early June which it is expecting to be a big seller.

Developed by Mucky Foot for games vendor Eidos, Startopia takes players to a universe of now lifeless starships, space stations and planets after an apocalyptic war. Players have to try and reunite the alien races under one banner and rebuild the space network.

The game features nine character races, complete with racial animosity, crime and punishment, entertainment and economy. The players officiate from a torus play area with 16 habitable subsections spanning three decks in each space station. Startopia also features a bio-deck with editable landscape and ecosystem.

The game features a new gaming engine, allowing reflection mapping, progressive meshing, atmospheric lighting and shadowing and self-shadowing objects. The strategy and simulation game is aimed at a teen audience.

Ozisoft will also release the next chapter in the horror game series, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

It will be released this month on Playstation and Gameboy Colour, with PC and Dreamcast versions arriving in June. Influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft, the game features environments designed by leading cinema and comic artists and atmospheric soundtrack and players can choose from two characters each with their own storyline and gameplay.

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