Compaq ships product based on Quantum's Super DLTtape

Compaq ships product based on Quantum's Super DLTtape

Compaq Computer is now shipping its first storage automation product based on Quantum's Super DLTtape technology, Quantum said yesterday.

The Compaq StorageWorks MSL 5026SL library offers 2.86 terabytes of storage. The system has 26 media slots, is supported on all Compaq ProLiant and Alpha servers, and comes with a choice of one or two Super DLTtape drives, Quantum said.

Up to seven Compaq MSL 5026SL units can be mounted in a rack, a single unit is 5U (8.75 inch) high. With seven units the storage capacity can be scaled up to 20.02 terabytes capacity, or 40.02 terabytes compressed.

The system comes with hot plug Super DLT drive modules, which means the units can be replaced or additional units can be added without interrupting backup or restore functions. Additionally Compaq's MSL 5026SL offers a Web based management feature for remote library management.

Quantum's Super DLTtape offers 110G bytes of storage capacity on a single cartridge and a data transfer rate of 11M bits per second. The product was first announced in March.

Compaq is targeting the StorageWorks MSL 5026SL at mid-range users, Quantum said, adding that the product offers the kind of high availability features previously available only in enterprise-level libraries.

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