Social enterprise can boost productivity by up to 25 per cent: NewsGator

Social enterprise can boost productivity by up to 25 per cent: NewsGator

Social software vendor highlights how organisations can benefits from a social strategy

Adopting a social corporate strategy can lead to tangible productivity time savings, according to NewsGator Asia-Pacific business development director, Cuneyt Uysal.

To back up his claim, Uysal points to a recent McKenzie Institute report that polled companies that use social solutions, either from NewsGator or other vendors, and found that productivity improved by 20 or 25 per cent.

“What it allows employees to do is get the information that’s relevant to them,” he said.

“It also enables employees to find out who’s who in the organisation, because they have a corporate network that is centralised as a one stop shop for all of their knowledge.”

By taking social to the enterprise, Uysal said companies are these tools typically popularised in the consumer space and applying them internally in organisation to drive productivity.

Although social tools may not sound very geared towards enterprise and the workplace, Uysal said a “very serious and prominent shift” is currently taking place in the workplace.

“The new set of productivity tools coming into the market are focused on this topic of social tools in the workplace,” he said.

With younger generation of employees entering companies, Uysal said this is how they work today and manage their daily life.

“This is an endemic change we’re facing and companies have to catch up to it,” he said.

Sharepoint potential

NewsGator’s social enterprise solution aims to ride this trend, and Uysal said the company is already the leader in the space when it comes to Microsoft technology.

With 70 per cent of organisations in Australia using Microsoft Sharepoint as their main online solution, Uysal sees a “great synergy” for NewsGator to provide social tools in the local markets.

“We’re positioning Newsgator as the next step in how to work better together, no matter what your technology background is,” he said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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