Still early days for enterprise app stores, but Australia is keeping pace: Concur

Still early days for enterprise app stores, but Australia is keeping pace: Concur

Software vendor sees opportunities for enterprise application stores despite the newness of the sector

Gartner predicts that one quarter of enterprises will have their own application store by 2017, and that Australia will keep pace with this global average.

Concur traveller services EVP, Barry Padgett, said Gartner’s prediction is in line with what he is seeing around the world.

“One of the challenges that companies have, whether they are in Australia or otherwise, is that there’s not a lot to choose from right now in the enterprise app centre space,” he said.

“It is because we are so early in the maturity curve.”

However, Padgett said early adopters have an opportunity to really broaden their data set and the integration possibilities, both at a user and company level.

“Just like Salesforce, we are pretty early with the idea of building and managing your own internal enterprise app centre,” he said.

Padgett said the concept of companies going out and putting an app centre on their own is “few and far between.”

Instead, a lot of companies are waiting for their enterprise line of business system providers, such as Concur and Salesforce, to “go out there and do the hard work on their behalf.”

“They want to be able to pick and choose the applications that are most relevant and useful to them on an app centre basis,” he said.

Value in data

When speaking with enterprises customers, Padgett said one of the main things on their mind is how to create value out of their data.

“One of the most straightforward and valuable ways to get value from these enormous data sets is through connectivity,” he said.

Rather than be the “creative visionary” that “figures out big data for the world,” Padgett said the approach was to “get people to figure it out” for Concur.

“That was the genesis for services and APIs that allow application developers, partners and customers to interact with the data and create their own value messaging, whether that is internal or external,” he said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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