DiData introduces tiered storage for public CaaS customers

DiData introduces tiered storage for public CaaS customers

Three tiers priced by the hour, aims for simple provisioning

ICT solutions and services provider, Dimension Data, has introduced tiered storage options to its enterprise-class public Compute-as-a-Dervice (CaaS) offering.

DiData Managed Cloud Platforms (MCPs) customers are now able to access three tiers of block-based storage – EMC VNX storage platform-based high performance, standard, and economy tiers – at roughly $US0.07 to $US0.44 per gigabyte (GB) per month, although prices are calculated by the hour.

Existing public CaaS customer Cloud servers will automatically be associated with the standard tier which was the previous level of storage offered.

Tier one (high performance) includes 600GB (15k drives; RAID 5), intended for Cloud applications that use online active files, database tables, Web and user files.

The second tier (standard) includes 2TB (7200rpm; RAID 5) for Cloud applications that use VM/VDI files, online archive videos, photos, backups and snapshots, and OS images.

The third (economy) tier offers 3TB (7200rpm; RAID 5) for Cloud applications that use offline master backup, disaster recovery, gold copy, archive, and long-term retention.

The high-performance and standard options leverage solid state drives (SSDs).

DiData said, in a statement, that the tiered storage options can be easily selected and provisioned through a Web-based user interface or API so customers can change the type of storage on-the-go.

“DiData is committed to providing a high performance Cloud that is easy to use and customise,” DiData Cloud services general manager, Dave Hanrahan, said.

“Providing additional options around storage media is an important innovation that enables our clients to leverage the Cloud for a variety of applications including high performance databases, as well as less demanding applications such as archiving.”

Tiered storage is available in Australia, the US West Coast, and Europe. DiData said it will be rolled out to other public CaaS environments “in the coming months.”

The pricing structure is as follows: economy is listed as $0.0001 per GB per hour; standard is listed as $0.0003 per GB per hour; high performance is listed as $0.006 per GB per hour.

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