What's new from ... Network Associates, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro

What's new from ... Network Associates, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro

Network Associates

Getting in early to combat virus attacks expected to hit mobile and wireless devices this year, Network Associates has released the first product in the new family of McAfee Wireless products. Called VirusScan Wireless, the product is designed to protect all major mobile and wireless handheld platforms including Palm OS, PocketPC, Windows CE and Symbian EPOC devices.

As part of the McAfee Active Virus Defense Suite of products, VirusScan Wireless offers mobile users the same level of virus protection found in a corporate network, according to officials.

Claimed to be the industry's first Internet virus security solution for mobile devices, the VirusScan Wireless is easily installed on mobile devices by downloading a small file from the McAfee Web site. Once installed, all files transferred to or from the PC during synchronisation with the wireless device will be scanned for viruses. An added bonus of the McAfee product is its ability to automatically update over the Internet.

Suitable for corporates, the product complements the McAfee Active Virus Defense Suite, adds a new tier to a corporation's antivirus defence strategy and protects one more layer of an enterprise's network.

Like other products from Network Associates, VirusScan Wireless is supported by the global research capabilities of McAfee AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team). It is available immediately.

Pricing: $47 (excluding GST) based on 100 nodes a year.

Network Associates: 1800 644 646


In order to keep up to date with new viruses and trends, Sophos has built a core product which is constantly updated with new features and add-on products. Known as Sophos Anti-Virus, the product is designed for all networks sizes and supports multiple platforms including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98/95, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD and eight other flavours of Unix.

Offering 24 x 7 support and service at no extra cost, Sophos Anti-Virus is designed to support diverse environments including virus attacks and other security breaches.

New add-ons for the coming year include a stand-alone SMTP e-mail scanner for Windows and Unix Platforms, and the release of a scanner to run on Lotus Domino R5 servers. All these products will come with the same support and service as with existing products.

Some of the existing features of the Sophos Anti-Virus product include a fully featured API that allows third-party software developers to use the Sophos virus detection engine to build new applications. Products like Marshal Software's Mail Marshal and Baltimore Technologies' MIMESweeper have all incorporated support for SAVI.

Pricing: $995 plus GST (10 users, one server).

Sophos: (02) 9212 1600


Symantec's most recent addition to its Norton Anti-Virus family of products is the Corporate Edition 7.5. Announced in November, the product is believed to be the only antivirus product on the market with "closed loop" automation technology. This provides customers with enterprise-class protection at the desktop and file/print server levels of the corporate network.

Other features of the Corporate Edition 7.5 are improved uptime with automatic, reliable virus detection, flood control capabilities to decrease bandwidth problems, faster virus submission, improved response times and increased security and centralised virus alerting/forwarding for clients not managed by the central management console.

The product is easily installed and maintained with a software download available from an internal Web server. It features an Internet-based "Scan and Deliver" service which offers the ability to submit infected files to Symantec via the Internet using https.

Another key feature of the new product is the ability for administration to roll back virus definitions from a single, convenient location if necessary. This means administrators can also reinitiate missed events, such as a scheduled virus scan, thereby maximising virus protection.

The Corporate Edition 7.5 is available for Windows 2000, Windows 98/95, Windows NT/2000 Workstation and server, NetWare and Windows 3.x/DOS.

Pricing: On enquiry.

Symantec: 1800 680 026

Trend Micro

Trend Micro has released a new ScanMail product specifically aimed at Lotus Notes users.

Known as ScanMail 2.5 for Lotus Notes, the product detects and removes viruses hidden in databases as well as e-mail attachments in real time before infections can spread to the desktop.

According to officials, ScanMail scans existing message attachments in mailboxes as well as cleans databases and modified data during replication.

Features of the product include Web-based virus pattern updates, activity logs, policy-based configuration, attachment blocking, and enhanced inbound and outbound mail management including providing delay, blocking and prioritisation of domain groups, server groups and users.

The product also has the ability to enable emergency outbreak mail delay as well as an option to strip macros from Office documents.

The product is available for Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, S/390 and AS/400.

Pricing: $2772 per 100 users.

Trend Micro: (02) 8876 5678

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